Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to clean the mesh sporting sneakers?

Sport casual shoes look clean and fresh, it is easy to match clothes, it is very popular for the youth. However, the white shoes are easily dirty, especially, the mesh sneakers, the special materials made it difficulty to clean. How to clean the Mesh sports shoes. Mesh sneakers are different from other shoes. It is a headache to clean it. If wash the shoes with the wrong methods, the vamp of mesh sports shoes will be broken after you wash it several times. Even if you are reluctant to throw away, but the shoes cann’t be worn due to holes, you need to buy the new one. How to wash the mesh sneakers, is there a better way to avoid this problem?
Here let us briefly introduce how to clean the mesh sports shoes.

Mesh sneakers thrown into the pot, the pot filled with 2/3 of the water, so the shoes are soaked with water, the water can add some detergent. You can wash the shoes without detergent mixed fully. Note: do not let the shoes to soak in the water. Oh! Recommended use scrap toothbrush to brush the vamp, should note the toothbrush cann’t too old as its hair rolled kind.

Mesh sneakers surface is more beautiful. Do not use stiff brush to clean it. Do not use too much force in washing. Do not use the nails or sharp corner parts in the printing pattern. After wearing for a period of time, some of the patterned surface may be some small cracks (in particular, often tortuous parts), which are a normal phenomenon.

In addition to learning how to clean the mesh sneakers skills, usually should also pay attention to the maintenance the shoes, it is best to prepare alternating 2-3 pairs of sports shoes to wear, to avoid long-term wear a pair of mesh sneakers, which cann’t wear a long time.

These are the introduction of how to wash mesh sneakers. If you have a better way to clean the mesh sports shoes, please share with us as well!